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  • Father's Office - 0/10
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  • Georgian Hotel - 5/10
  • Houston's - 9/10
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Father's Office - I Reject Your Totalitarian Ways

Rating: 0/10

Location: 3229 Helms Ave.  Los Angeles, CA 90034.  Helms Bakery area of Culver City.

This place comes up pretty frequently as a good burger place and I have walked by several times in the early evening when it is packed with people outside al fresco, at the picnic style family seating area.

Eatery Type:  Pub/bar.
Vibe/Atmosphere:  Lively.  Loud.  Good looking 20-30 somethings.  Often drunk on beer. 
Ease of Seating:  Poor.  No reservations.  First come first served.  Very little room to wait.  You have to be a shark and run for tables when another party leaves.  Have to really want to get chummy with your neighbors, as seating is tight.
Service:  They're motto should be, 'You're on your own, Man'.  Friendly at the door, but after that, you order yourself from the bar.  No table service.
Selection:  Terrible.  Although known for their burger, there is only 1 on the menu!  Has 3 kinds of cheese including blue cheese.  They don't believe in condiments like ketchup.  Absolutely no substitutions on any menu items.  If you don't like the way they make something you're shit out of luck.  I therefore left without trying anything.
Food:  Did not try.
Value:  At $12.50 I expect more.  Rip off.
Parking:  Free.  Helms Bakery lot nearby.

Conclusion:  Overall, I think people are just going here to be with a large group and drink lots of beer.  After that, they're too drunk to care.

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  1. What can I say.. Hmm... The appropriate word is "Thank you". Thank you for sharing this to us.

    Single Dad